Strength training has many benefits, but even its biggest advocates admit that it’s not always fun. By adding in variety and new challenges is a huge key to effective and results driven strength training workouts. Each Tuesday we share an exercise with instruction that we hope can add variety and challenge to your workouts.  Please check with one of our Personal Trainers to determine if this exercise would be a good fit in your routine.

To Perform the Kneeling Wall Ball Toss

  • Position self a few feet from a wall. Assume half-kneeling stance with knees and feet lined up with the hips.

  • Leg furthest from the wall should be the kneeling leg/back leg.

  • Explosively rotate through core and throw med ball at wall.

  • Maintain tight abs and stable lower body during rotation. Legs and glutes should move minimally.

  • Receive med ball and continuously repeat for specified reps.

Technique Tuesday Contributor Dominic Matti

Dominic has had a love for sports and being active his entire life. Competitive sport carried over into the gym where he learned to love weight training. His passion for working out was reinforced from the results he received from his transformed physique and self-confidence. Soon after feeling the benefits of how a healthy lifestyle can make such a positive impact on his own life, Dominic made the decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer so he could inspire and educate others to achieve their goals. More about Dominic here