I know what you did last Summer…well I don’t know what you did last Summer, but I do know many fitness and healthy living plans get lost in the shuffle and drop on the priority list. But it doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” situation.

Let’s face it: temptations are plentiful and our Summer is short, so it is tempting to go on hiatus from your workouts and play catch up with your fitness goals in the Fall. Tempting, until the Fall when it can be really difficult to regain the progress and the habits you had built. This can be really deflating and procrastination may set in, pushing your return until the New Year.

We suggest an indoor/outdoor approach where you use the club and our services to prep and improve for the Summer activities, maintain the energy you need to maximize your Summer plans and prevent major setbacks.

Here are 3 great reasons to maintain or renew your commitment to the club and your goals this Summer.

1. Quiet –  the club tends to be less busy during the Summer months making staff, classes, and workout space more accessible.

  • Try something new like a group fitness class or a exercises you’ve never tried before.
  • Learn or master some new skills/exercises by doing some Personal Training or Small Group Training sessions as the Trainer’s schedules tend to have more availability.
2. Stay on Track– While others take breaks, you can gain momentum and continue toward your goals.
  • Why stop and risk a lengthy break? If you are physically away from PWFC try our virtual options with Optimal Online, it travels with you anywhere and will help keep you confident, strong, and healthy so you can feel great about your time away.
  • Crosstrain to keep your indoor workouts fresh and maximize your outdoor endeavors. Adding specific elements provides purpose to your training! Some examples could be to improve your conditioning & reduce injury for cycling, tennis, golf, hiking, softball, soccer, watersports or gardening! The list goes on and on.
3. Climate Controlled- The intention of staying fit solely through outdoor activity is a good one, but rarely followed through. The weather is why we want to be outdoors, but believe it or not, it keeps us indoors as well and plays a role with consistency and intensity. These factors include:
  • Extreme heat
  • Excessive sun
  • Rainy days
Having access to an indoor facility like PWFC with controlled temperature and lots of natural light provides you with many options to work out safely without concerns or excuses.
During the Spring we are riddled with messages putting pressure on us to “get ready for summer” or be “beach body ready ” etc. In reality, a 6-12 week “get ready” program isn’t the answer! We should be focused on consistency and a plan to achieve and maintain throughout the season. Remember, a fit and healthy lifestyle is not something to turn on and off. You can easily enjoy your Summer and maintain many healthy choices (and indulge in some not-so-healthy choices) without totally packing your healthy living goals away with your Winter clothes.