Benefits of Overhead Tricep Extension 

The overhead triceps extension is a strength move that targets the back of the upper arm, where the triceps brachii muscles are located. The three heads of the triceps muscles all come together to help extend the elbow, it’s a really effective move.  Strengthening the tendon will help with functional strength, like pushing things away. 

There are many exercises to sculpt the triceps, but overhead extensions are also great to challenge the stability of the shoulder girdle. Overhead tricep extensions can feel more challenging than other moves working the same muscle, because this exercise is working against gravity. 


  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding one dumbbell in your hands.  
  2. Bring the weight overhead, extending the arms straight so the dumbbell is above the head.  
  3. Keep everything from the shoulders to elbows still, slowly bend the elbows, lowering the weight behind the head until the arms are just lower than 90 degrees.  
  4. Elbows should point forward, not out to the side.  
  5. Pause, and raise back to straight.  
  6.  That’s one rep.  



  • Sit on a bench or a ball 
  • Use a cable machine or a Barebell rather than a DB
  • Stand on a Bosu or on 1 leg