Every October PWFC hosts a Workplace Wellness Challenge to bring awareness and positive change during Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month.  In 2023 we are going all out as part of the clubs 20th anniversary!

We have chosen a challenge that is appropriate for all levels, for tenants working from home or in the office. In addition to the Wellness Challenge we are offering access to a Virtual Health Fair and providing tenants with the Well-Being Membership for the month and it’s all FREE.

  • The Wellness Challenge is a great way to engage employees both on-site and remotely, to learn and incorporate activities that will enhance your well-being and build healthier habits. See details below Mission LIVwell!
  • Challenges are fun and engaging, but enhancing well-being is developed from daily efforts, not just occasional challenges. With that in mind,  tenants will have access to our Well-Being Membership for the month of October. This membership allows you to access educational information and participate in virtual activities anytime and anywhere. You will also have some access to activities on-site at PWFC. See details below.
  • Finally, a special event: The Optimize Virtual Wellness Fair is a 5-day virtual event for you to increase your knowledge and awareness of various health and wellness topics. More details below.

Get started with a free Well-being membership by clicking this link and then choose the activities you want to participate in.

Sign up for Free Well-Being Membership (expires Nov 1 2023)

Develop a daily practice of movement, mental well-being strategies and optimal nutrition to get the most out of your daily life.

The Well-Being Membership provides you with access to our virtual platform which includes workouts, challenges, education and online training, as well as some in-person activities at the club.

Workplace Wellness Challenge

Every Monday the team will receive a PDF BINGO card in their inbox. Each
team player must make a row (can be the same row for all team members) and
add a picture to their card to indicate their completion of that task.
Every week that the entire team completes a row they earn a point.