Stand facing 90 degrees away from machine with feet in a comfortable
position. Grasp handle with both hands and fingers crossed to maintain a firm grip. Arms are extended
out in front of chest at approximately shoulder level. Once in position side step one foot following the
other. Do this three times away from machine. Then three steps back towards the machine controlling
the weight, not letting it pull you (3 steps out and 3 steps back = 1 repetition).


3-6 Reps/side, 2-3 Sets.

Target Muscles

Obliques, Front Deltoid, Chest.


Bring hands closer to chest for an easier modification, then press fists out in front and return
them to chest. Complete this after each step. The harder modification is keeping arms fully extended out in front
the entire set.


The further the arms from the body the more challenging the exercise will become. Adjust the
distance according to your fitness level. Start with a light weight until comfortable with the exercise.