Move of the Month 

Benefits of a Clamshell 

The clamshell exercise can specifically help to strengthen the gluteus medius, which lays on the outer edge of the buttocks and is responsible for stabilizing your pelvis. Clamshell exercises can help to balance the muscular effort between your inner and outer thighs and your pelvic floor. 



  • Start by lying on your side with the target hip up 
  • Keep both legs stacked and knees bent to ninety degrees 
  • Flex the hips to roughly sixty degrees 
  • Roll forward slightly so that the belly button approaches the ground 
  • Raise the top knee up while keeping the ankles together, trunk rolled forward 
  • Hold the top knee at the highest point, hold for 2 to 3 seconds before lowering back down 

When performing the clamshell exercise avoid: 

  • Rolling the trunk or back while the hip is moving 
  • Separating the ankles 
  • Make sure to bring the knee as high as it can go. This may require an addition gluteus medius contraction at the very top of the movement 



  • Legs up Clamshell 
  • Clamshell plus leg lift 
  • Clamshell plus leg extension 
  • Side plank clamshell