This month’s member spotlight is on a longtime member and Personal Training client Carl Gosine, who has an appetite to do try new things, workout smart, and workout hard. Battle Ropes, Boxing, Mobility, heavy compound lifts, HITT, Functional/Dynamic/Balance  Workouts he does it all. Carl in Action

Carls Fitness Journey started about 30 years ago “my lifestyle wasn’t the greatest and I and I thought that I should probably try to get into better shape. I had an orientation and a few personal training sessions to get me familiarized with the equipment once I got the hang of it and I felt that I was progressing either by feeling stronger or by being able to increase the weights  I was hooked. 

Carl has had a long-standing priority for his personal wellbeing and has worked with several of our Trainers over the years and continues to do regulars sessions but it started pre-PWFC back in 1998  “a friend of mine suggested that I take a few personal training sessions with this new guy, Greg who just moved to town so off I went to see Greg at Burnside Nubody’s. His approach to fitness and working out was different than most and I really enjoyed what he brought to my workouts. He ended up leaving Nubody’s and a few years later we reconnected at PWFC”.   

As we all know motivation isn’t constant it has ebbs and flows and Carl has a very practical approach to keep things fresh and challenging.  “Trying new things at the gym or during personal training sessions motivates me to introduce those new things into other workouts on my own. I think setting personal goals and having a variety of different workouts keep things fresh. Working out increases my energy level for the day and focuses me mentally.” 

Carl also has maintained consistency with his workouts while on long periods of travel for work and recovering from injuries “When I travel for work I always find room to pack a TRX, resistance bands and a lacrosse ball and try to find some time each day to do some sort of exercise.  I’ve had lower back and shoulder issues for years so I have spent a lot of time working to get those areas stronger. I have also been working a lot on mobility and stability through the feet to the hips.” Having a great place to train is also a major key. What I like most about PWFC is the size, and that it never feels too busy, the staff is great and always helpful, and that there is always something being offered to improve your workout either with a class or during a personal fitness session.”

“Currently my main goals are flexibility and strength, I’ve really enjoyed doing dynamic workouts where I’m using my whole body. Also, as the body gets older it needs a little more work to keep things fluid and to work out the kinks to keep things fit and healthy.”

The final piece of advice from Carl “Results don’t come overnight, don’t give up, change things up especially when you feel that you’ve reached a plateau, push yourself a little harder, make the time to get to the gym…even if it’s for just for 20 minutes.”