Not all chocolate is created equal, make smart choices and enjoy the benefits of Dark Chocolate.

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Chocolate  you can feel good about giving your body


Dark, Raw Chocolate that is both delicious and nutritious. Each Rawthentic Chocolate bar is lovingly handcrafted with the highest quality Organic, Fair Trade ingredients, and is:

❖    Handmade in Nova Scotia

❖    Low heat processed

❖    Naturally Sweetened

❖    Dairy, Gluten, Soy Free

❖    Vegan and Keto options available

❖    One of Nature’s greatest Superfoods with countless health benefits for Body, Mind and Soul

Rawthentic Chocolate

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Chocolate  you can feel good about giving your body

Don’t be fooled, not all chocolate is created equal.  While there are health benefits to eating Dark Chocolate, Raw Chocolate takes healthy chocolate to a whole new level.

What is RAW Chocolate?

“Raw” = Low heat Processed

The chocolate is kept below 100⁰F  when tempered, this keeps the nutrients of the Cacao bean intact. Most conventionally made chocolates have been tempered at very high temperatures, thus destroying goodness of the Cacao.

Raw chocolate much different than a conventionally made chocolate and is actually considered a SuperFood with numerous health benefits,

some of which are:

❖     Extremely high in Antioxidants

❖     Premier source of Magnesium

❖     Rich in Polyphenols & Flavanols for healthy Brain and heart function

❖     Natural mood stabilizer