7 Days of Sally

Each Day A different exercise to for the Bring Sally up, Bring Sally Down Challenge

The “Bring Sally Up” Challenge

  1. Watch for a New Exercise Each Day- either follow along with the video or Play the song “Flower” by Moby on your own.
  2. When the song says “bring sally up” – push up.
  3. When the song says bring sally down – come down.
  4. Do it continually through the end of the song.
  5. If you complete the entire exercise, you’ll do 30 reps of whatever exercise you’re performing.
  6. Once finished go to Mindbody App or our Fitness Class Schedule and book into the 7 days of Sally (class) confirming you completed the challenge for that day.
Please remember, it is advised that you or any of your family members
that may also be joining this class, consult this document and your physician before
starting any exercise program, especially if you have any known medical
conditions or are pregnant.  If you experience any dizziness or feel faint
during this class, please stop immediately.  We are not able to assume
liability for any incident or injury.

Day 1 Glute Bridge One of the members referred to Bring Sally up as Tammys song- so we thought it only appropriate to launch 7 Days of Sally with Tammy.

Day 2 Plank —from lower body with Tammy yesterday to core with Ashley today- Ashley shows us a variety of ways to plank with Sally

Day 3 Inverted Row/Pullup  In the video Tammy shows some creative ways to do an inverted pullup/row. Watch the video get set up and then do the challenge.

Day 4 Supermans – My LivNorth Colleague Elena joins in the fun and spices up the Superman (Note the extra on the Chorus and the reverse up/down choreography. This video has the intro only- once you get set up you will need to replay the song and complete your Supermans for the duration of the song.

Day 5 Push-Ups – We were taking down our Treehouse(before it fell down) and decided to make 1 last memory. Join Greg and his reluctant son for Push ups. Highly recommend you do incline pushups off a countertop or coffeetable or possibly pushups from your knees.

Day 6 Squat/Press (Thrusters) Sonja doing our Move of the week to Sally. (note the first 30 seconds is instruction be sure to get set up and start the video so you don’t miss any ups and downs

Day 7 Leg Raises-You can modify by bending your knees or decreasing how much you lower your legs. You will need to play the entire song because the video is short clip demonstrating the exercise.