If you have ever considered working with a Trainer…now is the time to follow through!! 

When you take advantage of this Black Friday Deal you are investing in: Expert Guidance/Instruction, Structure, Customization, Variation and Balanced workouts.

Your return on investment includes:  improved attendance, knowledge, motivation, and efficient/effective/inspired/safe workouts which will lead to faster results. 

Our regular pricing always provides exceptional value and now it gets even better but only for a limited time.

SGT (Small Group Training)

Share a trainer with 3-5 other people in a session with a specific focus like Fat burning, Strength Building or Mobility, and Performance.

The DEAL: Purchase a minimum of 12 sessions (4 sessions a month for 3 months) you choose the type of session and package of SGT.  Purchasers receive a $25 Gift certificate for Personal Training. 

Choose sessions like Muscle and Mobility, Burn Bootcamp, HIIT Xpress, Absolute Strength, CrossTraining Challenge and more. Join a current session or create a timeslot that works for you and your friends.


  • 4 sessions/mth  Member $58.65+tax     Non Member $69+tax

  • 8 Sessions/mth  Member $106.25+tax  Non member $125+tax

**All SGT/PT Policies apply

1 on 1(Personal Training)
Schedule weekly sessions with a Professional Trainer to make the most of your time and effort. You will achieve more results regardless of your experience.

THE DEAL: Purchase a minimum of 12 Personal Training sessions (4 sessions a month for 3 months) your choice of session length. Purchasers receive a $25 Gift certificate for Small Group Training

Options (only available for current members)

  • 4 x 30 mins/month  $128+tax  

  • 4 x 45 mins/month  $160+tax

**All SGT/PT Policies apply