June 1 -21 Move More than Greg –

This Challenge is meant to be fun and appropriate for everyone- the goal is to Move More. Getting more movement points than Greg is icing on the cake and worth a prize.

All activities choices are up to you when, what, where, how it is your call!  Register on the Member Portal.

June – All Month Expanded Virtual Live Workout Schedule on Optimal

We have some very exciting news for you!  Optimal is teaming up with some of our other LIV North managed facilities to bring you MORE live classes starting on May 31, 2021.  You will see some new classes and some new faces along the way! Schedule

June 5 National Health and Fitness Day/Week

Each day, from June 5-11, we will post a new AUDIO GUIDED workout for you to try.  These include our audio-guided outdoor workouts, mindful walks, and guided walk/run sessions.  All of these sessions can be found on Optimal at any time as well.

Our guided audio workouts are designed to be accessed from your mobile device and allow you to take your fitness outside!  Our Optimal Coaches will be in your ear the entire way, motivating and providing important form and technique tips and reminders.

Can’t get outside?  Not to worry!  These workouts also work well inside, at home, around the office or at the gym.

June 7-11 Wellness Week

Join us every day for a different virtual wellness session.  We will be covering stress, fitness, nutrition and sleep!  Each day will include an information session and an activity to help you make your wellness a priority.

Live daily sessions take place at 3pm AT /  on Optimal.  You can register under the Join a Wellness Week Session tile.  Recordings will be added to Optimal’s Fitness Education tile the day after.

Take a look at the sessions being offered below and we hope to see you there!