The TRX Power Pull is a great intermediate to advanced exercise that can be used to strengthen your upper back muscles and grip strength,  that you’d typically hit with other rowing variations, such as Dumbbell Rows.

Some of the benefits to the power pull are:

It Works On Strength Imbalances

The TRX Power Pull is a unilateral move (works one side at a time), so it inherently reduces, and hopefully eliminates, strength imbalances on your right and left sides.

You Can Easily Adjust the Difficulty

If a set becomes too hard, take a step back away from the anchor point to decrease the angle of your body. Or to add difficulty, step closer to the anchor point.

You Experience a Greater Range of Motion

With rowing exercises, we often see a shortened range of motion, or worse, a jerking motion to make the exercise easier. The motion of the Power Pull eliminates these mistakes. It forces you to move in a full range through your back and shoulder to pull your body from the rotation up to the finishing point of the rep. This makes it a great move for developing a strong back and healthy shoulders.

It Strengthens Your Core

Your core muscles engage to keep your body in a straight line and stable. Since you’re holding onto the TRX with only one hand, your core must brace to keep your body from twisting. And it has to maintain this stable position throughout each rep as you rotate, almost as if you were rotating from a Plank to a Side Plank, which strengthens major core muscles such as your abs and obliques.

Mid-back mobility

This is a rotational exercise, but the majority of the rotation should come through your upper back or t-spine, not your hips. Throughout the exercise, your core should be tight and your upper body should be doing all the work. Over time, this will improve your thoracic mobility, something a lot of people have issues with because of a sedentary lifestyle.

How to:

  1. Adjust the TRX straps to the shortest position and put the TRX in single-handle mode.

  2. With the anchor point about 2-3 feet in front of you, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the TRX handle with your left hand and hold it next to your chest. Touch your right hand to the central loop on the strap. This is your starting point.

  3. Keeping your core tight and body in a straight line, lower your body by slowly extending your left arm.

  4. As you lower, rotate through your upper back and swing your right arm in a circular motion to form a T with your upper body at the bottom of the row.

  5. Pull your left shoulder down and back to initiate the row. Powerfully pull yourself up and swing your right arm in a circular motion to touch the central loop, returning to the starting position.

    Complete 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps each side.