Probiotics are probably one of the most important supplements to take. It’s also one of the few supplements that you will notice working right away. ⠀

Our stomachs and intestines are full of bacteria. When we’re imbalanced with bad bacteria, this is when unhealthy things happen to us – sickness, disease, etc. To prevent this, we want to add good bacteria to our bodies. The easiest way to do this is to add a daily probotic. ⠀

The minimum dosage you want for a male is 10 billion and 25 billion for females. And at minimum, you want the dosage coming from 7 different strains of bacteria (read the box).

If you’re not eating eggs regularly, you’re missing out on a real staple of nutrition. ⠀

One large egg contains 6-7g of protein, an abundance of important vitamins and minerals, omega 3/6 fats (brain and heart health) and GOOD cholesterol (yes I said good lol). ⠀

They’re cheap, quick to make and can be cooked up in a variety of ways.⠀

If your goal is to lose weight, egg whites may be the way to go. This will eliminate the fats/lower the calories but you will still get all the protein.

With a daily conscious effort, here are 5 easy changes to make – to kick start weight loss.⠀

Weight loss/fat loss isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Intake fewer calories, move around more (burn calories), that’s the magic formula. ⠀

Protein is key to repairing muscle after a workout but most of us don’t get enough protein in our diets. ⠀

Your goal should be .75g -1.0g of protein per lbs of body weight.⠀

Some good sources of lean protein are:⠀
– chicken⠀
– pork tenderloin⠀
– lean cut of beef (flank or top sirloin)⠀
– whey protein/plant-based protein powder⠀
– eggs⠀
– plain greek or Icelandic yogurt

5 reasons why it’s important to stay hydrated. Your daily goal should be to drink 2-3L and add another 500ml-one litre on the days you workout.