Physical inactivity and obesity are recognized as two of the greatest threats to public health in Canada.

Two-thirds of Canadians are physically inactive, 61 per cent are either overweight or obese and 85 per cent of Nova Scotian adults are not meeting the physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week.

Joy Chiekwe is a certified exercise physiologist who uses exercise as a form of medicine to prevent and manage chronic disease recently contributed an article to the Truro News outlining the economic burden of Physical Activity- Read the Full Article here

Be an Advocate for Change in Your Workplace

October is Healthy Workplace Month and by encouraging co workers to take advantage of the facility that is only steps away from where they sit all day is easy.

Our Passport to Wellness Program has education, instruction, trials, events, challenges and more. New members get access to the club for $18+tax. Spread the news so more of your coworkers feel better, are more energetic, improved moods and increase their productivity.