Available Now (Some of your requests we have in place and you may not have realized)

  • Locker Rental– We rent lockers by the month, you can bring your own lock and have your own space to leave your things and save the hassle of bringing everything or forgetting something important. Monthly rate $11+tax
  • Battle Ropes– are located in the Studio but as long as it is not in use or busy in the strength area, they can be moved to the Strength area and then returned when finished
  • Dips with extra weight– again very few of us are this advanced to add weight to dips. However, we do currently have the capacity to do this (hip harness, chain and Dumbbell on the Gravitron) 
  • Warm/up- Floor space/ Designated stretching– We have 3 drop-in stations for this purpose- In the studio, beside the desk and in front of the Treadmill.

Ask Staff for extra clarification any time!


  • Instructional Posters/Circuit Routes- we regularly (and will continue to) post on our blog a move of the month or exercise of the week (these are searchable) to expand your toolbox. We will start posting these exercises in the club. We already have options for TRX, Bosu, Body Bar, Battle Rope and Medicine Ball posted. We plan on bringing back a featured workout to post in the club as well. Of course, new ideas are great but in-person instruction for proper technique and custom programming is what you need, take advantage of the knowledge base of our staff to improve your time at the club.
    • Stepper/Stair Machine/Climbing Machine–  There are a variety of options in this category including traditional style StairMaster, Step Mill (looks like an escalator) Versa Climber (simulates climbing a ladder vertically) Jacobs Ladder (varied angle ladder climbing).  This has been a consideration for us in the past and when it is time to update cardio we will be investigating these options again. 
  • Longer Hours/Group FitnessNo group classes and reduced hours are both directly related to the ongoing provincial guidelines that regulate Fitness Centres during COVID. As soon as we can, we will be returning to regular hours including evenings and weekends and plan to reintroduce Group Fitness. We know this is a priority for many (including staff) and we appreciate your continued support and understanding during these times.

To be honest these are not in our plans

When it comes to adding or replacing equipment we think about versatility so it would be attractive to a high # of members and space. Or course quality and price are a consideration but the way we value equipment is important because our equipment area is not as spacious as bigger facilities. 

  • More Benches– very rarely are both our benches in use, many who are looking for a more challenging workout choose stability balls or Bosu over benches. Maintaining open space in the free weight area is also a priority for many so adding more benches isn’t currently a priority.
  • Adding an Olympic BenchSquat Rack to replace the Jones Machine. Our modest membership price is based on our facility being unsupervised. We upgraded to a Jones Machine from a Smith Machine a few years ago to provide a closer simulation and results to performing a free squat/bench press while maintaining a much safer execution for members who work out alone or unsupervised. Traditionalists will argue that machine mechanics are not as natural but these minor benefits do not trump the safety of our members. Many coaches no longer use a back-loaded squat with clientele.  DB goblet squat and Landmine front squat safer on the lower back and a Dumbell Press provides a better symmetrical challenge than an Olympic press can.
  • Ab Machine– Sometimes as trainers we give members and movements they need rather than what they want. An Ab machine is an example of a machine that is “all want” and “no need”. There are many examples of equipment that are glorified as “a better way” when in reality there are so many other ways (Cables, floor, Stability Ball) to achieve results. An Ab or low back machine are great examples. 
  • Towel Service- Although it seems like an easy add-on, providing towels is a laboursome and costly option whether it is an internal laundry service or contracted service. A larger membership base with internal laundry services can absorb these costs, a smaller membership base would relay cost back to the user which would make the cost unappealing to most. We will continue to have extra towels to borrow for those who forget a towel once COVID restrictions allow.
  • Kettlebells– provide some great unique movement options but are a specialty item that requires additional training and generally has interest from a smaller group of individuals

If at any time you would like a direct response to a concern or suggestion please contact Greg at 902 482 9362

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