Workplace Wellness is Evolving!

Personal Well-being has never been more important. More and more people are making decisions (where they live, what they buy, whom they spend time with and where and what they do for work) based on how it affects their health. Employees are choosing employers and workplaces that are positively contributing to their well-being. Employers, who are being proactive and adjusting to the changing landscape are winning, with improved productivity and job satisfaction and greater success in attracting and retaining employees

The statistics below reinforce that there is a current and growing need for additional support for employee physical and mental well-being and there is a critical role that employers can play!

  • Over half of the employees feel burnt out, and two-thirds believe it has gotten worse in the past twelve months. (Wellable Labs, 2022)
  • Only 15% of employees are engaged in their work and workplace. (Gallup, 2022)
  • 94% of CEOs believe they are doing enough to support mental health in the workplace. However, only 67% of workers agree with this sentiment. (Headspace Health, 2022)
  • For the year 2022, the benefits that attract more employers’ investments include mental health (stress management and resilience, mindfulness, and meditation).
  • Employee Challenges with hybrid/remote work include: Excessive Job demands, difficulty managing work-life balance, staying motivated, quality social connections, feeling connected to the organization, (Staples/Angus Ried 2022)

The Rise of Wellness

Over the past 3 years, Purdy’s onsite fitness centre has seen the demand for services shift. The pandemic has elevated the value we put on our personal health and changed how, and where we participate. Below are some of the things we are learning and noticing, both locally and beyond that we think are more than short-term trends.

  • More people are concerned about their health and are seeking professional assistance and affordable programming to improve their overall well-being, but may still not be interested (or ready) in attending a traditional “gym” to “work out” There is an emphasis on improving mental well-being, including resilience and stress management, and less focus on sculpting an ‘ideal’ physical appearance.
  • Fitness or Nutrition programs on their own are less effective than a whole health approach. Activities and education that can improve nutrition, sleep, movement, self-care, mindfulness and breathwork as a package are highly sought after.
  • Due to work arrangements and seeking life balance, there is a need for flexibility for when, and where we engage in activities. Self-guided, or instructional activities available at home and at work, at various times is now essential to many.

New option provides fundamental solutions for employer and employee wellness needs!

In response to the evolving needs within the workplace, PWFC is expanding its focus from fitness to include more wellness allowing us to impact even more people and elevating the overall well-being of the Purdys Community. In addition to an enhanced wellness offering we believe by incorporating more convenience, variety, and affordability we can have a larger impact on more people.

Our programming outcomes are designed to improve performance, enhance well-being, boost fortitude, and amplify connection. Options include a combination of multi-level online and in-person options like daily stretch/movement sessions, mindfulness/breathwork, incentive challenges and education/behaviour modification for improved nutrition, sleep, resilience, as well as increased and improved movement.

To get your workplace involved please contact Greg,