Maintaining your Wellness during the Chaos of the Holidays
There is always lots to do during the holidays, and our fitness and wellness routines are often thrown off. The key is to adjust and enjoy the holidays without giving up on your progress.
Here are a few strategies you can use:

    • Mindset
      • Be realistic: your routine (eating, sleeping, activity) is likely going to have some interruptions. Life will only become chaotic if you are trying to fit everything in without making adjustments
      • Don’t try to be or expect to be perfect-  enjoy the holidays and what it has to offer (in moderation). Beating yourself up for what you did “wrong” is not productive. Acknowledge, Accept and Act with intention going forward
      • Plan or allow yourself to be flexible enough to shift on the fly.
      • Make a plan right now to ensure your holiday break ends in the first week of January-  Arrange a Workout buddy gym date, join an Activity Challenge, and schedule Personal or Small Group Training will all help secure a successful return.
      • Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed- continue to take time to reset, recharge and refresh with reading, meditation, board games, time outdoors, etc.
    • Sleep:
      • Maintain a sleep schedule that is similar to your routine
      • Go to bed earlier
      • Limit Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar
      • Sometimes holidays provide some quiet times which are ideal for a power nap (ideal around 30 minutes or less)
    • Food
      • Be Mindful of eating and drinking- it’s Ok to say no!
      • Travelling- Pack Healthy Snacks
      • Eat healthy before you go out to avoid overeating or unhealthy choices at a holiday function
      • Limit the sugary treats in your house and consider them as treats something you can have in moderation
      • Stay Hydrated
    • Activity
      • Use Optimal Online to continue your workouts anywhere and anytime
      • Change the duration, frequency, or what you are doing to accommodate your busy day or week but try not to stop.
      • Move every day (doesn’t need to be a structured  workout- it could be dancing, winter activities, walking, etc.)
      • Get outdoors and enjoy nature