On Monday, July 19th we are rearranging equipment and modifying zones, these progressions are gradually returning us to Pre-covid familiarity but still reflect the current provincial health protocols.  Our phase 4  starts the shift away from some individual zones where you have had exclusive access to equipment within your booked zone to shared access with a limited number of members. 

During this transition bookings for next week may be compromised and need to be rebooked, we hope to have everything finalized in the next few days. We ask that you withhold pre-booking zones for next week until Friday at noon.

New: Cardio and Strength Zones are now separated.

  • Synrgy, Strength Circuit and Free Weight Zones are now combined bookings start on the hour and half hour with a total capacity of 4 people and 55 minute duration

  • Cardio equipment (Treadmill, Arc, Elliptical, Upright and Recumbent Bikes) can now be individually booked in 25 minute intervals on the hour and half hour. (additional equipment will no longer be available in these zones)

  • For the time being the Rower/Spin-TRX and Strider zone will remain as individual zones in the fitness studio.


  • You can book multiple zones based on your workout needs ie (Elliptical and Strength zones)

  • If you need a space to warm up or cool down or stretch we have 3 designated areas for this that do need to be booked.(beside the front desk and in the fitness studio, in front of the Treadmills)

The new arrangement takes us back to pre covid gym etiquette for shared space and equipment. This revision in a shared zone does not guarantee 6 feet distance Please review some of the Fitness Etiquette that to ensure you are being courteous and respectful to other members

Fitness Etiquette Reminders

  • Mask requirements remain outside your zone and anytime 6 feet Physical Distance cannot be maintained

  • Be courteous and respectful with other members and staff

  • Please wipe down all equipment before & after use. Properly clean and replace weights and all equipment after use.

  • Please allow other members to “work in.” Do not tie up equipment with multiple sets.

  • No inappropriate language or excessively loud grunting while working out

  • Follow all reservation and booking policies for appts, zones, classes.