Begin by placing hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart on a bench or other elevated
surface. Extend your legs balancing on your toes. Make sure your back is straight and core is tight. Slowly lower
your body down until your chest reaches the elevated surface. Briefly pause at the bottom position and then drive
your body back up into the starting plank position. Make sure the lowering phase is slightly slower than the drive


See the progressive options in the images to get to a Full Pushup. For Advanced Push ups

Add instability like Bosu, Stability Ball, TRX or elevation.

Common mistakes

Rounding the spine, or arching the back and hinging at the low back.

Target muscles

Chest, Triceps, Anterior Deltoid.


Try doing a wall push-up, as the more the body is elevated the easier it will be, so adjust according to fitness level. Widen feet for a greater base of support, or bring feet closer together for a more challenging