Move of the Month

Benefits Sumo Squat

· With the feet farther apart and pointed outward in this exercise, this workout puts additional stress on the glutes, hamstrings, and inner quadriceps than traditional squats do.

· It’s the perfect workout for anyone looking to tone up the legs and butt.

· Sumo Squats are ideal for working glutes, hamstrings and inner quadriceps.

· Sumo Squats burn more calories, it demands a lot of oxygen while doing sumo squats.

· Sumo Squats are a compound exercise, which means this exercise uses more then one muscle group at the same time.

· Improves mobility and flexibility.

· Builds balance and stability.


1. Two key variations of the sumo squat. First, the feet should be placed significantly farther apart than with a traditional squat–about three or four feet, second, feet should be flared out about 45 degrees.

2. From this position lower down in the same way as a regular squat, making sure to keep the back straight and knees positioned over the feet (not moving past the toes).

3. Continue until the thighs are parallel with the floor, and then push back up from the heels.

4. Engage the ab muscles in the motions to help with stability and balance.


· Holding weight