You have probably heard of the term “empty calories” before. But what does it mean? In simple terms, it’s consuming a caloric food or beverage where the calories from that product don’t benefit our body. ie – alcohol, candy, chips, etc.

From my own experience working in the fitness profession for the last 10 years, liquid calories would be the #1 reason why people gain excess weight or are failing at weight loss.

There are two big problems with liquid calories. #1 – they’re loaded with sugar – making them addictive and #2 Other than cow’s milk, they contain 0 nutrients that our body needs, unless they have been added by the manufacturer.

Here are two studies that show how and why (1) liquid calories are worse for weight gain than solid calories, (2) Our brain reacts differently to liquid calories.

This is why my first step w/ nutrition guidance is to eliminate as many liquid calories as possible and replace them with water. Depending on the client, this is usually enough to kick start weight loss.

Best calorie-wise drinks:

– herbal tea

– black coffee

– water/carbonated water

-unsweetened almond/coconut milk