“A New Year, A New You” a cliché and a trap that is easy to fall in to.

Why do we wait until January to say “hey, this year is going to be the year I try to lose weight or become healthier?” Really anytime is a good time to start getting more physically active, but for today I am going to play a little devil’s advocate and explain why many should join now rather than waiting for  January

Beat the Crowd As a person who feels really uncomfortable amongst crowds, if I had started my fitness journey in the busiest month I too probably would have quit after my first month. I can’t imagine how someone who is new to the fitness scene, who might not be 100% comfortable with their body and who might not know what they’re doing in the gym would feel entering into a super busy gym.   To me, it may be too hectic at this time of the year to enjoy your time at the gym, especially if you are new. Starting before the rush getting used to a routine your surroundings and other members will put you in a much better situation.

Training and Technique   Besides the crowds, Trainers are extra busy and classes are closer to capacity, both contributing to fewer opportunities to get assistance. One of the major reasons why people prematurely end their fitness journey is because they don’t know what to do.  Just being active is better than most people but results come much faster when program design and technique are tailored to a goal. Now this may come across a little bias because I am a trainer, but hear me out: If I started playing golf or started skiing and I tried to learn how to do them on my own, I probably wouldn’t become very good at them and I would eventually stop with frustration or after hurting myself. The exact same logic applies to  the gym! Losing weight isn’t as easy as just jumping on a treadmill and running until you’re out of energy. And building muscle isn’t as easy as picking up a weight and putting it back down on the ground. There is form, technique, and science behind all this. When you learn how to do things properly, your chances of getting results increase, while your risk of injury decreases.

Holiday Havoc. The holidays can wreak havoc on our diets so countering this by incorporating some good habits is a great plan. Quite often our over indulgences can create obvious weight gain, a lethargic feeling, and guilt. Starting now before the holiday gatherings will help you be more mindful and ultimately make better nutrition choices. Working out can also be a key to battling stress that comes along with holidays and interrupted sleep patterns. Start reaping the benefits now and get into a routine of attending the gym that will carry over into a healthy start for 2020.   

If you’ve already tried multiple times at the gym and failed because you didn’t have the self-discipline to stay consistent, then having a trainer is a guaranteed way to make sure you make it into the gym 2-4 times a week. By the time you’re done your sessions, you should have been coming consistently that it has now turned into a habit. Once it’s a habit, your chances of success become a lot higher. “New You in the New Year” is so much more achievable and sustainable if you get a headstart on your goals in November.

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By Dominic Matti

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