We have created a plan that controls access, manages the number of people in the facility, reduces the movement of members while at the club, reduces touch points, all promoting social distancing.
This innovative approach will require you to book your workout time online in advance (there will be no drop in availability).
Booking will control how many people are in the club and for how long as well as the flow so we don’t have everyone coming and going at the same times.
The Club has been separated into 8 Unique Workout Zones that you will be able to book in 45 minute blocks. Short video tour of our Zones

Get in the Zone

  • Each zone will have a main focal point but will also have accessories like foam roller, stability ball, skipping rope, gliders a mat and access to cardio and strength equipment to ensure you have plenty of w/o options within your zone.
  • In each space you will have access to your own disinfectant spray and disposable paper towel for cleaning.
  • You will book your Zone by using the member portal. You are essentially reserving a personalized space in the facility for your workout that day. (no one will be entering your zone or sharing the equipment in your space during your booked time)
  • Zone Rules
  • As mentioned each zone will have a main focus and accessories
  1. Freeweight Zone
  2. Synrgy Zone
  3. Strength Circuit Zone
  4. Rower Zone
  5. Strider Zone
  6. Spin/TRX Zone
  7. Treadmill/Strength Zone
  8. Elliptical/Arc Zone
We understand this is not what everyone is accustomed to when they come in and it will take some time to adapt but we believe this will add variety, challenge, structure and efficiency to your workouts. Your PWFC team will be available to assist if needed.

Advantages of Get in the Zone

  • It takes away the confusion and awkwardness of moving around the club and other members by providing structured Physical Distancing
  • You get your very own exclusive access to certain equipment and space.
  • No waiting or worries about how busy it might be
  • You can book your preferred zone in advance making your workout a priority
  • You can plan your workout for your chosen zone so you use your time more effectively and efficiently