Our Featured Member for this month is Nancy.

Nancy has been a member at PWFC for over 12 years now but her interest in fitness goes back to when she was in her early 20’s and working part-time at DalPlex. Nancy’s fitness experience shows when she’s in the club as she’s one of the few members to use every zone regularly and is always working on a good balance of weight training and cardiovascular training.

“I like to do different things at the gym, but I’m especially drawn to biking/spin and running. I really love that feeling of exhaustion when I’m done”. 

It’s also fair to say Nancy is one of our most consistent members as well, so far in 2021 she is in the top 10 for the most days in our club. When asked how she stays motivated and consistent with her workouts this is what she had to say:

“I know I should work out regularly because I love how I feel after a workout (even a “bad” one), and because PWFC is in the building where I work, it is tough coming up with an excuse to not go! Years ago I wouldn’t do laundry until ALL my workout clothes had been worn… it worked!!!”

Evolving fitness goals is a big part of sticking to exercise and fitness long term and like most successful people Nancy’s goals have changed over time;

“At the beginning, my motivation was purely aesthetics – to be in “better shape” and look as good as I could. But through the years my motivation has evolved to include how great working out makes me feel mentally and how it keeps me healthy. My current fitness goals are pretty basic; try to get back to what I could do 10 years ago, such as intensity, running distance, flexibility, etc. And of course, to wear a smaller size : ). Most importantly, I see these as part of my long-term goal of heart health, strength, and flexibility as I get older.”

If you’re new to working out or going to the gym, Nancy left us with a solid piece of advice;

“My piece of advice to someone joining is to have a goal, as small as it needs to be. Not necessarily to lose ‘X’ lbs or inches, but to “go three times a week”, or use something as an incentive.”