Single Arm Half Kneeling Band Chest Press


1. Position your knees so that they are both at 90 degrees.

2. Keep your trailing hip fully extended.

3. Keep your ribs down, abs tight and tailbone tucked between your knees.

4. Press the band forward, finishing with your shoulder blade spread outward and your hand pushed as far forward as you can.

5. Don’t let your back arch or lose your hip and knee position as you press.

6. Return by pulling your shoulder blade inward and down as your hand comes back.

Bodyweight Sit Squat


1. Lock your ribs down with your abs.

2. Keep your feet straight ahead.

3. Push your hips back onto the box.

4. Keep your knees straight out over your toes.

Prone YTI


1. Keep your chin tucked and head in line with the rest of your spine.

2. Tuck your tailbone under and use your abs to keep your ribs pulled down.

3. With your thumbs up, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you move your arms in the YTI motion.

4. Don’t jut your chin out, shrug your shoulders, allow your shoulders to roll forward, or arch your lower back.

Single Arm RDL


1. Keep your ribs pulled down and abs tightly braced to keep your lower back from arching.

2. Push your hips back until you get a light stretch in your hamstrings.

3. Keep your hips flat – don’t let them roll open.

4. Think of using your abs to control the space between your ribs and the front of your pelvis, and don’t let them get further apart as you move.

5. Don’t let your lower back arch during the movement.



1. Pull your ribs downward with your abs and hold them there.

2. Roll the front of your pelvis towards your ribs.

3. Press your lower back into the floor.

4. Don’t lose that position as you move your arms and legs.

Half Get Up


1. Keep your arm vertical throughout the movement, and keep your eyes on the weight.

2. Move from elbow, to your hand, to a bridge position.

3. Reverse the motion to return to your back.