“The absence of Mental Health is often as bad as the presence of mental illness. It is the loss of good mental health that precipitates mental illness.” Cory Keyes

Traditionally for many who have adopted fitness into their lives, it was initially for the physical benefits(toned, stronger, physical health), and the mental benefits that accompanied it were a bonus.  This has been shifting as many are now acknowledging and prioritizing physical activity as a key tool to enhance their mental wellbeing. 

During the past 2 years the stress, strain, anxiety, and uncertainty have raised with us all, we recognize the need and it is becoming a larger focus for PWFC. In 2022 we will be elevating our focus on mental wellbeing which you may have noticed through some of our Social Media Posts. (yes I am big fan of Adam Grants messaging)

Research is catching up with what we have believed for some time- Movement is a great prescription for enhanced mental wellbeing including depression. Read the CBC article here     

A prescription alone is not the answer we must better understand the sign and symptoms that might identify a deteriorating situation, shift our mindset, eliminate the stigma about asking for help and understand additional ways to help ourselves and assist others who may be struggling. 

Lindsay Knight takes us through a Mental Health Series “Navigating Mental Health During the Pandemic” this is a free series with our Optimal Online Subscription (subscription is on only $4.99 mth for members and can be purchased through the member portal) and having just completed it myself I highly recommend it.

To launch our renewed initiative on Mental Wellbeing we are encouraging everyone to continue to Talk -to Listen -to Learn-and to Take Action by offering Optimal Online (Virtual Fitness and Wellness Portal) for Free for the month of February. 

  1. Click this link to get started
  2. Complete a profile or sign in as a member
  3. Purchase Optimal Online  a) turn off auto-renew -add to cart b) add Thrive2022 as your discount code click green checkmark c) proceed to checkout and click complete
  4. Due to the high volume of people registering expect a Welcome email on how to get started no later than Feb 2.

Let us know if there is specific mental wellbeing programming that would be an asset to you or your coworkers like Meditation, Breathwork, Education, etc