Guided Mindfulness with LivNorth Colleague Sandra Corrado Video 1 Video 2

Mental Health

Mental Health Week May 4 – 10

Self Nurturing Tips –Top 20 ways

Maintaining Good Mental Health- Tip Sheet

Volunteering can give us a sense of purpose and intrinsic reward. In times of great need, many Nova Scotians want to find ways to help. Volunteer NS has opportunities for you to volunteer in your community while still following the public health directives put in place to keep you safe.


Do you get Enough Sleep – Fact Sheet


CBC -Article – How to avoid bad habits during Social Distancing

Stay Productive & Motivated Infographic


Hip Opener and Activation – video 

Stretch Breaks  –

  • Stretch Break 1 PDF
  • Stretch Break 2 PDF
  • Stretch Break 3 Video

Family Activities