They say you are only as old as you feel. It is proven that regular healthy habits will enhance your health (both physical and mental), your looks, your confidence, your energy, and your mobility.

In contrast, neglect of healthy eating, and exercise can accelerate things associated with age, ill health, increased pain and discomfort- It’s a matter of choice and as Fitness and Wellness Professsionals, we are here to help. Below are a few articles going into some additional depth on exercise and aging.

Strategies for Turning back the clock!

The fall time change marks the beginning of shorter and darker days. Since sunlight is needed to keep your circadian rhythms on track, the fall and winter months can lead to sleeping difficulties and depression for many. To combat this, be sure to get plenty of light in the morning and throughout the day. Natural sunlight is best, but if the days are cloudy or you’re up before the sun, turn on plenty of lights in the house.

Runners World Shares How to prevent Daylight Savings Time from messing with your workout