Begin in a hanging position with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder
width. Pull yourself up until your chin reaches bar level, driving your elbows towards the
floor. Keep your core tight all the way through the lifting motion without swinging or using
momentum to assist the movement. In order to keep your bodyweight centered, you can
cross your legs beneath you as you lift yourself up. Once your chin surpasses the bar, briefly
pause before slowly lowering your body until elbows are fully extended and then begin
second repetition. Try to raise yourself slightly quicker and lower yourself slightly slower.

Common Mistakes

Make sure that you are completing a controlled pull up without
swinging your legs or extending your neck. Always keep a neutral spine and good form.

Target Muscles

Latiissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Rhomboids.


Pull ups are awesome because they can be modified for any fitness level. By
using different hand positions as well as assisted, unassisted and weighted pull ups you can
drastically alter the difficulty of the exercise. Ask the fitness staff to help with any