Functional, Practical, Do it anywhere! (Plank)

Lots of variations that are possible to make the Plank just right for you.

Description: Start in push up position with your legs fully extended and up on your toes. Keep your knees extended, glutes and core tight limiting movement and increasing contraction. There are many modifications of the plank that can cater to different muscle groups, different fitness levels and different fitness goals.  

Sets/reps: Start with 3 sets of 30 second repetitions. Keep increasing time as you get stronger

Modifications: Knees on the floor, forearms on the floor, elevated upper body (forearms on bench)

Common Mistakes: Arched back, hunched back, dropped bum or raised bum. Always aim for a neutral and linear position. (See picture) 

Target Muscles: Abdominals (Rectus Abdominals, Internal Oblique abdominals and external oblique abdominals) Serratus Anterior, Glutes, Erector Spinae muscles.