1. Box breathing.

Why do it?
∙ Calms the body
∙ Can reduce anxiety
∙ Takes your focus off distractions
∙ Helps balance the mind and body
How do you do it?
Inhale, hold, exhale, hold — each for the same count, and repeat as needed. We suggest starting with four seconds each. Skip the hold between your inhales and exhales if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant. Skip the hold after your exhale if you have low blood pressure. Video Demo

2. Too busy to exercise? No energy? Too boring? We all have excuses. And these are just some of them. There are so many things that can get in the way of being active, but only if we let them.National Institue on Aging says the Science is clear, there are no excuses for not exercising as we age.


4. Workplace burnout doesn’t just happen to those who put in long hours at the office. With millions of people from around the world now working from home, juggling multiple responsibilities and added pressure, work-life balance is more challenging than everHow to Prevent Burnout when working at home!

5. Why does a failure seem to stick in our minds so much longer than a success? According to social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood, our perception of the world tends to lean negative, and reframing how we communicate could be the key to unlocking a more positive outlook. In this sharp talk, Ledgerwood shares a simple trick for kicking negative thinking to the curb so we can start focusing on the upside. Simple Trick for Positive Thinking

6.The truth is our ability to follow through on our intentions — to get into a new habit like exercise or to change our behavior in any way — actually doesn’t depend on the reasons that we might do it or on the depth of our convictions to do it. It also doesn’t depend on our understanding of the benefits of a particular behavior, or even on the strength of our willpower.

Instead, it depends on our willingness to be bad at our desired behavior. How I finally started Exercising

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