We’re excited to be back to spotlighting our members each month. And this month we feature Jason Williamson.

Before we closed our doors in March for COVID, Jason was always one of our most consistent members. It’s always been a good bet that you will catch him in Purdy’s Wharf Fitness Club at 5pm, either lifting weights or doing his cardio. But since we re-opened in mid-June, with 113 hours, he’s logged more hours of training than any other member and that’s saying something because we have some hardcore fitness enthusiasts here. These hours accumulate when 2 workouts/day are weekly occurence.

When we asked him what’s his secret to his consistency he replied “ it’s just a standard part of my day, but on days where I don’t feel motivated, I just remember how accomplished I feel when I finish my workout and how good it feels to put on clothes and have them fit the way you want them to. That usually does the trick”.

In the fitness industry, one of the most common things you will hear is ‘you have to set realistic fitness goals.’ The reason for this is, having a realistic goal keeps you motivated and gives you something to work towards and Jason has set some great goals, “I workout not for anyone else but myself. I want to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. My goal is to just continually get stronger and to always be beach-ready.”

With a few years of experience in the gym under his belt, we asked Jason what would be his best advice to somebody just starting up at the gym for the first time, “I know a lot of beginners are self-conscious about getting started because they think people will be watching and judging them. Nobody is looking at you! No one cares what you’re doing, they are focused on what they’re doing. Just get in there and do your thing!”

We think Jason nailed it on the head with that advice. Your only competition is with yourself! Keep up the hard work Jason and continue to motivate others!