Take advantage of what is in our backyard,

Nova Scotia is known internationally for its spectacular scenery yet because it is our own backyard sometimes we can take it for granted.  With the weather improving you may be looking for opportunities to be active outdoors see new areas, try new things and get together with family and friends. Being active outdoors has numerous benefits (lower stress levels, increase vitamin D intake, improved fitness) but always be sure to take the necessary precautions (ie dress for the weather, take lots of water, let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return, have your phone with you, wear sunscreen, be sure you have the proper safety equipment.)

Below are some of the popular activities and some resources to help you get outside.  Let’s step away from our screens and soak in what our beautiful province has to offer.


There is a variety of riding opportunities locally and across the province from roadways, to rails to trails to single-track mountain biking. Whatever your preference be sure you have the right bike it is well maintained and you plan longer trips ensure you know the route, and choose trails/routes/duration that is appropriate for your ability. (Remember a few short rides to start the season is best to help with your conditioning and to prevent “saddle soreness)

You may have been hesitant in the past to ride on the roads but it is much more inviting now with the reduced traffic on the roadways.

Choose the right bike for you

Rules of the Road

Cycling Routes in NS

Rails to Trails in Halifax and area

Mountain Biking Trails in NS


Getting on the water in a Kayak, Canoe or Stand up Paddle Board(SUP) is a great alternative to dryland training and we have ample opportunities in Nova Scotia, both in fresh and saltwater. Being on the water provides some amazing opportunities to explore and be active but also requires some preparation to ensure you enjoy your time and remain safe. Follow these  12 Safety Tips prior to each time you go for a paddle.

9 Best Routes for Canoeing and Kayaking in Halifax

NS Water Routes mapped on Google

CanadaPaddle Safety Course

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