Jim joined PWFC in December of 2017 with a 3 month voucher he received from his employer. At that time Jim’s objective was to workout 3 X a week for 6 months which was an increase from zero! His goals were to increase strength, trim inches and improve overall well-being. I can guarantee Jim has met and exceeded each of those goals over the past 14 months.
It did not take long for Jim to try his first Group Fitness class with Angela! Since then he has become a Group Fitness Junky attending over 140 classes since joining PWFC. He even signed up for a few of Dominic’s Team Training Burn sessions.
When it comes to support and encouragement Jim is a star team player and can be heard saying “We can do it! 1 more set” He participated in our Mission I’m Possible Challenge and most recently Roll the Dice where he set a personal challenge to complete 30 consecutive days of workouts in the club. Some of those workouts on the weekend were at 7 pm just to get them in, now that is devotion to completing a personal challenge!

Over the past 14 months Jim has had over 275 visits to the gym for workouts along with a few extra visits when he brings the staff his home baked goodies!
“When you are 59 years old and just recently getting back to the gym, the last thing you think you can do is a “BURN CLASS’. Especially when the other members of the class are half your age and have double the energy level. With the encouragement of Dominic, I did just that; and the rewards for me were numerous: increased self-confidence, strength building and weight loss, all in one package. I look forward to the opportunity to enroll in another “BURN CLASS” and would like to thank Dominic for staying with me and allowing me to move forward with my fitness challenges.” Jim Evans