This months featured members are a group who found motivation, accountability, friendship and drive to be better by working out together.

You will see these three amigos working out together regularly in the weight room, running outdoors and taking on every challenge presented by each other.  

Rachel and Leah have known each other for 20 years and Jane met them through outdoor No Mercy and PWFC running groups a couple of years ago.

Their personalities clicked and it was a seamless transition when they decided to work out together. With a common goal of working out to “get smaller tighter butts” they take turns planning challenging and fun workouts for each other.

We asked them a few questions about working out together.

How do you stay motivated to keep going?

“ Our shared love of cursing, wine, and hill running. Haha…seriously, it’s been great having their different perspectives on things. I’m very motivated by them both – they are super strong and fit. They definitely keep me motivated – especially with the running – wouldn’t do it without them.” -Rachel

What are the benefits of working out with buddies?

“Commitment for sure. Support, Having new friends, we all have different ideas on workouts and our go to. So it keeps it fun and always changing and challenging. ” Jane

How do come up with your workouts plans?

“I try to look up workouts online as well as incorporating tips and past workouts from trainers at the club but Rachel is the best at coming up with plans for us.” Leah