Clarence and Marc are both original members that joined PWFC in 2003. They connected through the club as they both regularly attend cycling classes at PWFC over the fall and winter to maintain and improve their summer rides. 

Recently as part of a group of 44 cyclists they rode 525 km over 5 days around the Gaspe Peninsula from Campbellton, NB to Ste Anne-des-Monts PQ.The terrain on the north side of the peninsula is quite challenging and rugged resulting in some steep climbs, total elevation gain over the 5 days was 5,100 metres. Clarence reports “In the months leading up to the ride I continued to attend the cycling classes and added outdoor training as well and I’m happy to say that for a 59 year old guy I did pretty good – even with the large hills we climbed I was able to comfortably accomplish the overall goal of cycling 500 km.

Although the individual achievement was impressive the primary goal was a fundraiser and their team raised $175,000 in support of the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute in Halifax.

What Keeps you Coming

16 Years is a long time and you need to try different things due to interests, injuries, new goals and plateaus. They both have taken advantage of our Specialty Services to ensure they are continuing to get the results they are looking for.   

Marc: “I once felt like I had plateaued in my training and with the help of a Personal Trainer, I was able to change up my routine to add some additional core strength (especially good for cycling and golf).”

Clarence comments: “PWFC introduced me to both personal training and group training and that has helped me achieve my goals. It’s a smaller more intimate club and because of that you get to know the PWFC team and many of the other members – almost like family.” 

Secrets to Success

Marc treats the scheduled classes like a meeting which makes it easier to fit into his day. I love the convenience of PW Fitness, especially after early morning bike rides so I can use the facilities for additional workouts before work, or at lunchtime, and for showers.  I also like the small atmosphere – you get to know most of the members and instructors quite easily. The spin instructors (notably Angela and Tammy) have been very helpful to keep me motivated

Clarence: “I find when you sign up for specific classes or training sessions it creates a commitment to be there – and I find the friendships that you develop with the other members in the group is also an incentive to be there so you can encourage each other and joke around as well.

We are very fortunate to have loyal members like Clarence and Marc, it keeps our staff on their toes to ensure we are constantly offering new programs and services to keep everyone engaged. After 16 years the term member seems a little formal we think of them as friends.