Featured Member: Wendy Johnston

We’re happy to announce that Wendy Johnston is our featured Member of the Month for March!

Wendy has been a member at PWFC for 12 years now and I think it’s fair to say she is one of the most active members we’ve had. We see her consistently in the gym 5 + days a week and sometimes twice a day. Not only is Wendy consistent but she’s also an adventurous member, as she has likely tried every class,  program, participated in every challenge and worked with every trainer during her time at Purdy’s Wharf Fitness Club.

Her fitness journey though, began well before we opened the doors in Purdy’s Wharf. She has been living the fitness lifestyle for over 30 years. From running to swimming to cycling/spin and now strength training and Pilates, Wendy has done it all. When we asked what motivates her to remain so consistent over the years, she responded, “I just want to remain healthy and fit”.

Wendy is an inspiration to many members of PWFC, not just for her consistency but also for her work ethic and fitness level. She is truly the poster woman for the saying “age is just a number” and has the perfect attitude towards her fitness goals, “I am stronger now than I was in my 20’s and plan to continue to get stronger for life”, says Wendy.

We really hope to see Wendy working out in our club for another 12 years and continue to get stronger and crush the fitness challenges that come her way.