Sonja Esber

    Assisting clients to reach their goals, requires understanding and commitment, it’s the little things done over and over again that provide the greatest results. I am continually learning and developing my skills in addition to being Certified as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Yoga to keep workouts fresh, fun, safe and challenging for my clients.

    Functional Fitness and Strength

    My goal is to empower my clients with knowledge and skills,  teaching them to move through full range of motion with ease primarily using their own bodyweight. I achieve this with my clients by designing full body workouts which involve compound movements that build functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance.

    Specializing in Partner and Small Group

    I believe workout partner(s) help keep clients motivated and committed, it fosters closer relationships, accountability, and encourages clients to push themselves far beyond what they would do on their own. Small groups or partner training is more cost effective which may mean more frequent sessions resulting in goals being achieved in a shorter period of time.