Dominic Matti

    Dominic has had a love for sports and being active his entire life.  Competitive sport carried over into the gym where he learned to love weight training.  His passion fFullSizeRenderor working out was reinforced from the results he received from his transformed physique and self-confidence. Soon after feeling the benefits of how a healthy lifestyle can make such a positive impact on his own life, Dominic made the decision to become a Certified Personal Trainer so he could inspire and educate others to achieve their goals.

    With 5 years of training experience combined with knowledge from his additional certifications in Exercise Nutrition and Boot Camp, he has successfully coached numerous clients to transform their lives.

    “When you’re able to combine an effective workout program with the correct diet, your results will dramatically accelerate. You will feel healthier, become stronger and begin to see amazing changes in your body. Everyone deserves to feel great and working with a Personal Trainer will help get you there.” Dominic Matti


    “Dominic was extremely patient, had an excellent understanding of the science behind various approaches & exercises and was incredibly adept at tailoring programs to achieve my own fitness goals. Every session he would give me the push I needed to excel and provided expertise in areas most people need help with”.  Amanda

    “Dominic took the intimidation out of the gym for me the first time I met him.  He was always professional and encouraging.  The programs he created for me were fun and challenging, and the gains I made in strength were quick.  He made me realize that the number on scale meant less than the inches I was losing.  Over 10 inches in three months!”  -Heather