Success Stories

Celebrate – Share- Inspire

“I’m 56 now and am in better shape than I was at 40.” Clarences Success Story

“I’m losing about a pound a week but even more importantly, I feel wonderful.  I have energy when I wake in the morning.  I’m sleeping better.  I am much stronger.  I can walk farther.” Shirlie Williamson Success Story 2017.docx (1)

“I always thought I could never be a “gym person”- Catherines story

“I have come out the other side healthier stronger and a new love for both Yoga and Pilates” read Christines Success Story 

“These folks deliver results!” Gavin Giles Success Story 2017

“I swore I wouldn’t let opportunity pass me by again”  read Rachels Story

“Going forward, I’m going to continue striving to improve and not strive for perfection – as long as I continue to change for the better it’s all good” read Julies Story

“I truly feel great and feel that I have made a change for life.” Cals Story

“I participated in a 10 week challenge at PWFC and was ecstatic with my results” Courtneys Story

the best part of my week!  Kathys Story

“One Grateful client” Paysons story

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